Credit Ratings

Well positioned for lower cost of and access to capital.

Issuer: T-Mobile USA, Inc Moody’s S&P Fitch Rating Outlook Stable Stable Stable Senior Unsecured Notes Baa2 BBB BBB+ ABS Notes Aaa N/A AAA Commercial Paper P-2 A-2 F2
Issuer: Sprint Spectrum Notes A1 NR A Senior Unsecured Notes Baa2 BBB- BBB

Outstanding Notes And Credit Facility
As of March 31, 2024

Credit Ratings

Note: Does not include maturities of Tower Obligations, Capital Leases, and Other. Tranche numbers are rounded and may not add up to total.
* Includes high yield style call provision.


T-Mobile's current schedule of outstanding debentures and notes

Schedule of Debt as of 03/31/2024     XLS (opens in new window) PDF (opens in new window) Guarantor Structure     PDF (opens in new window)

asset-backed securitization

Detailed information on T-Mobiles outstanding Asset Backed Securities

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