Customer Support

For questions related to T-Mobile products, services, billing, or general customer care & technical support

Investor Relations

For investor related inquires, including questions regarding results and earnings materials, contact us at:

!This mailbox only responds to investor-related inquiries

Media Relations

For media questions, including press related inquiries, contact us at:

Stock and Shareholder Info

Investors interested in purchasing shares directly or registered shareholders wanting to make changes to their account should contact our transfer agent:

EQ (formerly AST)
General Inquiries:
PO Box 500, Newark NJ 07101
Telephone: 1-800-937-5449

! If you own shares through a brokerage firm, contact the brokerage firm directly to make changes or inquire about your shares.

Network/Retail Sites

Who should I contact about if I have a possible site for a cell tower or retail site?

Retail/Authorized Dealers

We are currently not accepting requests to become an authorized retailer at this time

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